Discover your full potential with RDT.

RDT Engineers is an innovative company whose scope of action is the development of advanced engineering projects, participating in projects with a high technological component.

With projects in the Aeronautics, Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Industry, Petrochemical, Renewable, Capital Goods, Consumer Goods and many more sectors. In its 14 years of existence, RDT Engineers has become one of the fastest growing engineering companies in Spain and Europe and is involved in the most important Spanish and European projects.

RDT Engineers is located in Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid, Pamplona, Beasain, Derby (UK), Tarragona, Valencia, Donosti, Tres Cantos, Seville, France, Denmark, Morocco, Puebla (Mexico) and Mexico City, among others. 

Our identity and business cannot be understood without our values: trust, closeness, motivation, commitment and quality. We understand our values as a virtuous circle that revolves around people, we want them to feel inspired to give the best of themselves every day and to grow with us. 

The purpose of RDT Engineers is to help people enjoy engineering.  That’s why at RDT we offer a wide range of opportunities that allow our professionals to get involved and evolve in different projects throughout their careers, in different clients, sectors and technologies.

We encourage our professionals to enhance their skills and experience. In addition, our presence in the world offers our team the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects and gain international professional experience.